Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post

The BIP handles livestock and products. Open 24 hours a day

Charges for the use of the BIP facility


Horses (per pallet) Horses (each)
Total per pallet £475 Total per horse £ 80.00
Other Animals (each)
Total per animal
Cattle £ 70.00
Other Animals (each) Sheep £ 35.00
Total per pallet £430 Pigs £ 50.00
MINIMUM £600 Goats £ 35.00
Alpaca £ 50.00
Other species on application

Use of BIP for Exports

When the BIP is used for livestock exports, the following charges will apply:

£60 per horse with a £675.00 MINIMUM

Prices for other animals on request

Charges for Animals remaining in the Border Inspection Post after inspection, if not loaded onto road transport
Mammals – £125.00 per 24 hour period or part thereof.

Please note: charges for transportation from the cargo terminal (scheduled services)on the south side of the airport to the BIP are not included, nor are DEFRA charges for inspection of the products.

The BIP will undertake the cleaning and disinfecting of animal containers as follows:

Fully enclosed Jet stall for horses £ 95.00
Collapsible, open top type container £ 90.00
Aluminium cattle pens £ 95.00
Charter equipment for horses and livestock on application

Out of Hours (2100 to 0600 local)

This applies to imports and exports, charters and scheduled service


Then normal pallet or per horse rates (chtrs)


These charges will be levied by

Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post Ltd