Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post

The BIP handles livestock and products. Open 24 hours a day

Immigration Controls

For Accompanying Handlers

To enable animals arriving from third countries to be accompanied directly to the BIP by their handlers for examination, the Immigration Service has agreed to provisional concessionary arrangements.

Under normal circumstances animal attendants will not be required to present themselves in the Passenger Terminal for Immigration clearance. This may be undertaken by the airline/handling agent on the attendant’s behalf in the following manner:

  1. Pre-advice of the handler’s arrival must by faxed to HM Immigration on fax number 01279 680145 marked for the immediate attention of the Chief Immigration Officer. The required format is shown in Fax Form (this is the same format for Customs and Stansted Airport Security).
  2. Passports should be presented to the Duty Immigration Officer in the Business Terminal next to the Metro hangar on the north side of the airport. The Business Terminal is manned by Immigration from 0730 to 2200. Outside these hours passports will have to be taken to the Arrival Terminal (airside) in the main Passenger Terminal on the south side of the airport. It is advisable to take a copy of the prior notification fax when presenting the passports. The animal attendant will not normally be required to attend but the passport should be presented to immigration as soon as possible after the flight arrival, at the latest within three hours of the flight’s arrival and before the attendant leaves the airport.
  3. For no European Union / European Economic Area passport holders, the following information is required:
  1. how long the person is staying in the UK and the method of departure (flight details if known)
  2. the reason for visit
  3. the address at which the attendant will stay or the name and address of the company or person who is accepting responsibility for him or the animals
  4. a completed Landing Card giving the details required at © above.

Assuming the attendant(s) are acceptable under UK Immigration Rules, the passport will be endorsed and returned to the presenting airline/handling agent.

  1. For EU / EEA passport holders which includes British Citizens (full citizens, not holders of travel documents for stateless persons):
  1. the passport only.

Airlines should ensure that all attendants hold valid passports or travel documents, and when required valid UK visas. Failure to do so may render the carrier liable to a charge of £2000.

Airlines are reminded that these procedures are concessionary and will be subject to review. HM Immigration will maintain the right under the Immigration Act to require any attendant to present him/herself in the Passenger Terminal. Spot checks may also be made and any failure to comply with the agreed procedure may result in the termination of the agreement in respect of that person or any organisation or individual for whom he is acting.

Regular failure to comply may result in the cancellation of the whole agreement with attendants having to present themselves for examination in person in the Passenger Terminal.