Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post

The BIP handles livestock and products. Open 24 hours a day

Document check

Documents received by the BIP will be checked and where applicable returned via the TSO. These may include AirWay Bills, Health Certificates, Annex II declarations, CITES certificates and commercial documents where applicable.

Every consignment is subject to a documentary check. If a consignment fails a documentary check there may be no need to undertake an identity/physical check.

Consignments that are passed as acceptable for entry will be released and the CVED on TRACES completed.

Rejected consignments will be served a Regulation 21 Notice after consultation with the importer/agent which will set out the action to be taken. The consignment will be detained for 60 days pending an appeal against the decision after which it will destroyed. Alternatively consignments may be re-exported subject to approval by the BIP.

NOTE: A charge note will be issued by the BIP for all consignments of POAO subject to Vet Checks as costs are payable whether the consignment is cleared or rejected.