Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post

The BIP handles livestock and products. Open 24 hours a day

Stansted Airport Ltd Security Procedures

Charter aircraft will park outside the BIP (north side) and attendants will remain with the animals during inspection within the BIP. If a scheduled cargo flight arrives at the Cargo Terminal on the south side of the airport, grooms will accompany the animals in their containers from the cargo area to the BIP, remaining airside.

On occasions it may be required for the shipment to pass through the security barrier at the cargo terminal – VP1 – and be transported landside to the BIP. In this eventuality, permission must be granted by Customs, Immigration and Stansted Airport Security and a pre-advice must be submitted on airline headed paper. If a container has been offloaded from an aircraft at the cargo terminal and has passed through the airside security fence to the rear of the cargo sheds, it may have to travel to the BIP, remaining airside, via Security Gate VP5 (next to the TNT cargo shed).

To obtain authorisation, a fax must be sent to Stansted Security Services on 01279 663254. The format and information contained in the fax is the same as that being sent to Customs and Immigration for their control purposes (see Fax Form).

Airlines and Handling Agents must ensure that the person signing the form is a Stansted full ID holder. Any blank spaces on the form should be scored through to ensure that other names cannot be added after the form has been signed.

Stansted Security will notify Security Post VP1 of the names of the animal attendants. The preadvice will act as a valid document to allow exit from airside.

Animal attendants must be accompanied at all times whilst airside.

A plan showing the Cargo Terminal Security Gate and location of the Border Inspection Post is included in BIP MAP.

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