Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post

The BIP handles livestock and products. Open 24 hours a day

Contingency and Diversions


If for any reason essential equipment at the BIP is unserviceable and it is not possible to offload animals from their containers at the facility, Authorisation must be sought from AHVLA to offload at the Cargo Transit Shed for transport to the BIP in their road transport vehicles. Animals on regular scheduled cargo flights will be transported from the cargo area in their containers to the BIP by dollies.


If, for any reason, a flight carrying animals from a non EU country is diverted to Stansted, irrespective of its final intended destination, authorisation to land must be sought from AHVLA and notification sent to the BIP at the earliest possible opportunity.
If adequate ventilation and other facilities can be provided that will allow the animals to remain on board before proceeding to its intended destination, Transit procedures will be required.
If the animals are offloaded at Stansted, the full Veterinary Check procedures must be carried out. This applies even if the animals are to be reloaded onto the aircraft for final transport to intended destination within the EU.