Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post

The BIP handles livestock and products. Open 24 hours a day

Veterinary checks procedures

The BIP staff will make POAO available for veterinary checks by the OVS/OFI.
The OVS/OFI will undertake veterinary checks as appropriate to determine whether the POAO meet the requirements for entry into EU territory.

Consignments found satisfactory

On completion of the veterinary checks with satisfactory results, the OVS/OFI will complete the CVED entry on TRACES and issue a release certificate.

The BIP staff will notify the TSO by fax with a copy of the release certificate. The TSO must arrange for the consignment to be returned for release.

Consignments requiring further examination

If the OVS/OFI considers further examination procedures are necessary, a Detention Certificate will be issued.

Consignments found unsatisfactory

If, during veterinary checks, a consignment is found unsatisfactory, the OVS/OFI will issue a “Regulation 21” notice which will specify the action that must be taken.

(If only part of a consignment is found unsatisfactory, that part will be separated from the remainder. A “Regulation 21” notice will be issued by the OVS/OFI in respect of the unsatisfactory portion. The ‘consignments found satisfactory’ procedures will be followed in respect of the remaining part of the consignment).

 If a consignment or part of a consignment is to be re-exported or destroyed, the TSO or Forwarding Agent must comply with HMRC procedures (see also HMRC Procedures).

An Inter-Shed Removal Request is not required. TSOs may wish to record the movement of all or part of a consignment by amending the SSL within their systems.

The BIP is an inspection facility, not a storage unit. Examination failures can be withdrawn and provision made for alternative storage under approved suitable conditions, or the appropriate storage charges paid to the BIP operator.