Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post

The BIP handles livestock and products. Open 24 hours a day


Animal Products

Rate Minimum
14p per kilo £70.00

Storage charge will be applied for consignments uncollected one hour after notification. All charges per hour or part thereof:

ULD Loose Minimum
£120 per unit 15p per kilo £30.00

Out of Hours Charges: plus 25% of above

Note:The responsibility of Community Transit Guarantees will be undertaken by the transport operator before freight movement, should they be required.

Import Charges

Some imports are subject to HM Customs Duty, Excise and VAT, but these charges depend on the type and value of the goods. Should there be any queries, reference should be made to HM Customs Tariff, Volumes I, II and III. Charges are levied for the processing, handling and warehousing of cargo up to the point of delivery and are mandatory.

Charges for transportation from the cargo terminal on the south side of the airport to the BIP are not included, nor are BIP Inspection charges levied by Uttlesford District Council.

These charges will be levied by

Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post Ltd