Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post

The BIP handles livestock and products. Open 24 hours a day

AHVLA Procedures at the BIP

All Health Certification and other related documents must be presented to AHVLA at the BIP on arrival. Vehicles carrying containerised animals on aircraft will enter the outer compound area and be offloaded directly onto the scissor lift and adjacent ball-mat area.The animals will then be offloaded from the containers via an unloading ramp into the inspection area.

Animals that are being offloaded and inspected at the BIP may be handled by BIP staff and/or accompanying handlers or importers with the instructions of BIP staff and/or AHVLA Inspectors. Veterinary Checks will be carried out by Veterinay Officers of AHVLA.

AHVLA procedures for the physical handling of animals will depend upon the species and the number of animals in the consignment
Inspections will take place within the BIP inspection room and there is provision for a race and crush if necessary.
Detained animals will be held in stables at the BIP, if necessary.

Animals whose Inspection has been satisfactorily completed may (subject to Custom approval ) be loaded onto their road vehicles and held in the parking area pending the issue of a CVEDA and Customs release. The CVEDA will not be issued until Veterinary checks have been completed on all animals in the consignment.

If road transport is not immediately available, or if a compulsory rest period is required by legislation, the animal(s) will be held in a stable or pen as appropriate. Animals may only be loaded onto clean vehicles.